We’re So Tired

We’ve lost an hour of sleep.

And it feels like jet lag.

It’s s not good for you either. Statistics show that heart attacks increase 24 percent the day after Daylight Savings Time. That’s today, so be careful.

I find that statistic astounding.

But it’s not the only Daylight Savings Time fact that is surprising. SAT scores are said to fall if you take the exam close to the time change, cluster headaches increase and car crashes too–so again be careful today.

Personally, once I adjust I like that we will get extended daylight. It’s nice to come home after work and have a few hours of sun left to take a walk. It’s also easier to drive when it’s light out.
So springing forward has benefits, it’s the falling back I can do without.

As for sleep, it’s so important to our health and it’s something that Americans struggle with mightily.
I’m one of those people.

I can fall asleep easily, I just can’t stay asleep.

I’m up for good either 4 am or 5 am every day, which has its benefits and it’s downfalls.

My early hours gives me time to write this blog for instance. It’s something I enjoy and I’m appreciative if you read along.

But the lack of sleep sure makes me tired and I know it’s not good for my health.

I’ve read a lot about sleep because I’m concerned. A lack of restorative sleep can lead to all sorts of problems.

I’ve tried different things. But I’ve avoided others such as sleeping pills because I’m just not comfortable relying on a drug.
But I’m hopeful and willing to try other things to see if I can squeeze out another hour or two a night.
If you have any tips, feel free to share.

I also know I’m not alone. Some of my friends struggle with sleep and millions of Americans do as well.
It didn’t use to be this way, I used to sleep soundly and for 8-10 hours a night. So perhaps there is a way back.
Until then, I plan to make the best of it with early trips to the gym, some reading, a lot of writing and some thinking and quiet meditation time too.
But it’s a long long night when you keep popping up.

For those of you who sleep soundly, count your blessings. Because the rest of us are counting sheep.


  1. Susan Ruby says

    Jeff , I too find getting 6 hours sleep and waking at 4 or 5 is the norm. I think it’s because I like mornings. I like taking those early morning hours to read, think do a crossword…and meditate when the rest of the world is sleeping…..it’s peacefully delicious…

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