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WellFest Founder Bob Lipp and Sandra Tribioli want to position Delray as a wellness destination.

WellFest Founder Bob Lipp and Sandra Tribioli want to position Delray as a wellness destination.

When long-time marketing executive, Bob Lipp, created WellFest™ Delray, he combined his passion for “expanding the wellness conversation” and his considerable marketing skills to carefully connect the event’s message with a growing audience.

“It was important that WellFest not be perceived as simply another health and wellness event,” said Lipp. “And so we developed a mission statement and defined the parameters for Exhibitors, Sponsors and Expert Speakers.”

Lipp also applied for a US trademark of the term WellFest, which was awarded a few months after the event debuted in March of 2013.

“The mission of WellFest Delray 2014 (the weekend of March 8-9, from 11AM – 5PM) is to: Educate, inform, motivate and inspire people to stay fit, eat well, think positive, reduce stress, take care of themselves and others and think green. We encourage people to participate in a ‘WellFest-lifestyle’ and benefit from being proactive about their health and well-being, as opposed to being reactive,” added Lipp. “The goal is to embrace preventative measures and focus on how the mind, body, spirit connection can impact our health in so many positive ways.”

Lipp also remembers a time when a WellFest-lifestyle wasn’t part of mainstream thinking, and a variety of today’s accepted therapies, food concerns and even exercise programs were called into question or considered a fad.

He told us that “Earlier in my career, I taught Communications at The Ohio State University, and earned my Master’s Degree after writing a thesis entitled: The Image Making of Body Building.

“I created a marketing model for improving image and applied it to what was then a low credibility sport. My subject was a guy I met at a gym in Brooklyn, who was working in Columbus. Ohio. Perhaps you’ve heard of him, Lou Ferrigno? Then a guy named Arnold Schwarzenegger came to town to launch his Mr. Olympia contest and I assisted with local promotions.”

“While these two individuals helped legitimize a sport, what they really did was make it OK for men and women to participate in a lifestyle that resulted in more than building muscles. It helped to build self-respect and self-esteem; and what’s more positive than that?”

In just its second year, WellFest Delray has emerged to be a significant and important event, but for Lipp, one of his proudest moments was being able to use some of the money from the grass roots event to fund an awards program at a local school.

“Banyan Creek Elementary School is our first recipient of a cash award that will go to students who advocate or exemplify the importance of fitness, good nutrition and self-esteem, said Lipp. “Students selected will be according to guidelines set up by the school.”

The program was particularly important for Sandra Tribioli, Director of Operations for WellFest and a mother of three school-aged children. “It’s great when an event like WellFest or a business or an individual can make such a positive impact on our children, and we are pleased that Principal Fay and Vice Principal L’Etoile have been so gracious in accepting our offer.”

The “Weekend of WellFest” March 8-9, 2014 (11AM – 5PM) at Delray Center for the Arts and Hyatt Place promises something for everyone.

Currently there are 20 Sponsors and over 90 Exhibitors, Food Services and Speakers. Sponsors include: Acupuncture Associates, Celsius, a calorie burning beverage, Fiesta Pet Deli, Delray Center for the Arts, Delray Chamber of Commerce, Delray Library, Delray Medical Center, Gulfstream Business Bank, Health & Wellness Magazine, Hyatt Place Delray, Javita Coffee, Mint Fit 111, Naked Gourmet, Mind, Body and Spirit Café, Smart Car Palm Beach, Synergy Fitness Boca, The Crystal Garden, 21 Drops, Yoga Journey and Zaaz Studios.

Speakers include noted area author Margaret Lembo, who has written several books for adults and one for children on Chakra and Crystals, and Dr. Brian Clement, of the famed Hippocrates Health Institute.

Support and interest in this educational and inspirational event that features an Expo, Expert Speaker Sessions, Fitness/Well-being Center, WellPet area and Eat Well Food & Beverage Court grows every day.

“The support has been impressive, to say the least” states Bob Lipp the event creator. “In just our second year, we’ve seen businesspeople and organizations that support businesses, residents and visitors from Delray and surrounding areas get behind this important event.”

The event will take place under an open-air structure outdoors at Delray Center for The Arts (off Swinton and Atlantic Avenues in downtown Delray) as well as the meeting rooms at Hyatt Place from 11AM – 5PM, Saturday and Sunday.

For a $15 fee ($20 for both days), attendees will receive a range of high-value savings at many Wellness-related businesses, an Expert Speaker Series at Hyatt Place with over 20 Speakers and topics, food samples from some of Delray’s top restaurants, a range of product samples, entertainment and demonstrations, consultation with experts, and even free massage stations throughout the event.

For further information, visit www.WellFestUSA.com.

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