Water Cooler Wednesday: The Big 5-0

It's the new 40 right?

It’s the new 40 right?

Yesterday, I turned 50.

These milestone birthdays are really just another number, but they are powerful forces as well, helping you focus.

50 is a big number, it means that there is more in the rearview mirror than there is in front of you, but it’s still young enough to want to scale a few more mountains.

50 feels very different than 30 and 40, the other milestone birthdays you hit once you reach adulthood.

At 30 and 40, I found myself in a restless state, wanting to be more, achieve more, do more, earn more, have more. It was exhausting because you do push, or at least I did.

But 50 is different, I find myself looking back more, trying to enjoy the present by being present and also trying to schedule the future because you realize more than ever that the future is finite.

So in many ways, this milestone birthday is more enjoyable because for some reason I’m feeling reflective and when I look back I like what I see. I like the friends I’ve made. I’m pleased with the difference I’ve tried to make and I’m proud, very proud of my family.

I’m also enjoying this time in my life: really interesting work with good people, seeing the kids grow into amazing adults and enjoying my family, friends, interests and passions. I have a lot of love in my life, a great wife, health,  wonderful family and friends, a nice home and an interesting career.

And yet, while the past gives me pride and the present gives me joy, I do have a very strong desire for the future. At 50, I still aspire.

A friend and I recently met for a long talk and a beer at Brule’ in Pineapple Grove and we shared what makes us tick.

For me, it has always been leadership, entrepreneurship and community. Those are the topics that turn me on, make me want to learn more, read more, do more and understand more.

And so…

Those words inform who I am and what I want to be.

With a finite amount of time in front of me, I know now that I have to choose my activities carefully.

Leadership: Why Morgan Russell and I co-founded Dare 2 Be Great, so we could identify, help, mentor, support and learn from a new generation of leaders that we also hope to return to Delray Beach.

Entrepreneurship: Why I am excited to be involved with Tabanero, a Boca Raton based hot sauce company. We have a great, all natural product and a dedicated passionate team who works hard every day to sell, market and promote our product. The challenge is building a brand in a crowded marketplace, something that excites the entrepreneur in me and others. We are also very heavily invested in Celsius, a fitness drink that I have served in various capacities over the years. After years of struggle and hard work, the brand is beginning to really take off both domestically and internationally. Getting it over the goal line is the kind of challenge that charges you up.

Restoring the Gulfstream Hotel is another project that gets your heart pumping. It’s a jewel in need of TLC, much like Lake Worth itself.

And there’s this blog, which Dave Reeves and I started with a vision that is still sorting itself out, like a lot of entrepreneurial ventures. We have seen it grow and we welcome  and appreciate your comments.

Community: Long my passion and it continues to be. I see so much potential in Boca and Delray. Together, we can be a mini-region that can be a haven for entrepreneurs, artists, sports, health care, education, technology, education, food & beverage and so much more.

Lots more to do…50 and just getting started in so many ways.

Editor’s Note: We are taking a break until Sept. 8 for some rest and relaxation. We will be back soon. Have a great Labor Day!

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