Water Cooler Wednesday: In Praise of Rescues

Teddy was rescued by Golden Retrievals.

Teddy was rescued by Golden Retrievals.

Randy was rescued by Animal Rescue Force.

Randy was rescued by Animal Rescue Force.

My wife and I love animals.

We have birds, have cared for cats and have a soft spot for Hopkins, our son’s bearded dragon.

But we have a special affinity for dogs, especially rescue dogs. We are firm believers in the saying that first we rescue them, but they end up rescuing us.

A number of years ago we adopted Casey, a gorgeous golden retriever from Everglades Golden Retriever Rescue (www.egrr.org) a magnificent organization that does great work. A little while later, we came home from the Delray Affair with Randy, a Chihuahua mix that we adopted from a booth run by the Animal Rescue Force (www.animalrescueforce.org). Randy has become a Facebook sensation and has given us more joy than we can express during his short life.

When Casey passed, we went back to ARF and rescued Sophie, another Chihuahua mix who was found roaming the streets of Miami. She was a tough little girl, but was very loyal and loving to us.

We lost Sophie when she was attacked by an unleashed dog around the block from our home. It was a traumatic experience, but we were grateful for the time we had with her.

So Randy was a lonely guy until two weeks ago when we made the acquaintance of Golden Retrievals, a Boca based non-profit that rescues goldens, which has always been a favorite breed of mine.

Thanks to our friend Kelli Freeman we got connected to Golden Retrievals and its wonderful founder, Linda Ripps. When she brought us “Teddy” we fell in love instantly and so we added him to our hectic, but enjoyable lives.

A day later, my sister in law and niece arrived from Pittsburgh with cats and a 90 plus pound yellow lab named Sunny, who likes to spend her winters in Delray. The cats went to the condo at Country Manors, Sunny moved in with us so for now we are three dog, two cockatiel family and while noisy, hairy and crazy we have a great vibe in our house thanks to the energy and personalities of these wonderful pets.

Randy has adjusted and still gets his share of car rides, walks and social media time. Sunny avoids another Pittsburgh winter and Teddy has a forever home. He seems really happy and we absolutely adore him. He’s a wonderful personality and a beautiful, beautiful golden with the typical great retriever personality.

All of this is a long-winded way of saying that if you can and you’re thinking about it, take the plunge and rescue a dog or a cat. Birds are very cool too.

At the very least, support a local rescue. (Dezzy’s Second Chance at the Delray Green Market is another terrific group). They do the work of angels.


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