Urban Myths: Delray Edition

Can this really happen? Or is it a myth?

Can this really happen? Or is it a myth?

Local urban myths

  • Nobody parks in the Old School Square Garage
  • The CRA hasn’t invested in the community.
  • All Developers Are Greedy and Bad
  • You Can Still Steal Real Estate in Delray (those days are gone)
  •  Your million dollar plus house in east Delray has nothing to do with the success of the downtown
  • People don’t want to live downtown
  • All density is bad. (It’s about design)
  • 48 feet is a tall building
  • The US 1 project will create gridlock
  • Conditional use is bad
  • Conditional use is the same as a waiver or variance
  • Suburban parking codes work downtown
  • Downtown is bullet proof (see Street, Clematis, Boulevard, Las Olas)
  • Downtown is done.
  • Cities can ignore private property rights (not in America)
  • Property owners can ignore the public (no they can’t and they shouldn’t)
  • Sprawl like development is sustainable
  • We can ignore millennials
  • Process trumps outcomes
  • Contracts shouldn’t be bid (a view still stubbornly held by a few)
  • The highest or lowest bidder should always win (better make sure they can do the job)
  • Economic development incentives are the answer (a tool: yes, the answer: no)
  • You don’t have to grow your own jobs
  • Parking is free
  • Culture doesn’t matter
  • Success is an accident
  • Visioning is a waste of time
  • Delray hasn’t implemented visions (just look around)
  • The squeaky wheel should always get the grease (it’s a big town out there, happy people tend not to show up at meetings, sadly)
  • Being an elected official is an easy job
  • Workforce housing is an option
  • Cities can ignore education
  • Success is always final and failure is always fatal
  • Public Art is a waste of resources
  • Cities should stick to the basics
  • Leadership is an option– nice to have but not necessary
  • Public Employees aren’t passionate about their mission
  • Elections don’t matter. Yes they do.


  1. Jeff,
    I agree
    I love living downtown
    and reading your blogs
    thank you

  2. good job Jeff. can apply to any city.

  3. Kristen Murtaugh says

    Great list, Jeff, and the photo is wonderful! We love living in Delray Beach!

  4. Patsy Westall says

    Interesting list Jeff….and I, too, enjoy your blog!

  5. Bob Buoniconti says

    Jeff, there is always naysayers, they live in “the sky is falling” world. No everything is not perfect in Delray, however because of the likes of Jeff Pearlman we are kept abreast of all controversial issues and possible solutions. We need to continue to move forward as a community, understanding we must be vigilant to ensure the needs of all individuals and neighborhoods in Delray are addressed.

  6. Susan Ruby says

    Met a mother and Daughter from Germany flying to return home, as I was traveling. Turned out they stayed at the parliament inn and loved Delray. I’m not sure why everyone seems to be so critical lately… Love our town and downtown.

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