Things We Loved In March (with one exception)

March Madness ends in April. Our prediction: Villanova.


March was a great month.

Glorious weather, lots of things happening: St. Patrick’s Day Parade, Flora Exhibit at Old School Square, March for Our Lives etc.

Here’s what caught our eye:

Students from Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School joining Hamilton Star Mandy Gonzalez onstage of the Crest Theatre at Old School Square.
Our friend and local hero Joe Gillie described the event beautifully on Facebook: “This is why Old School Square is here.” Yes indeed. Preach Joe!

Receiving a text message from another of my heroes Bill Wood. Trust me, it’s a thrill. Ask him to text you and you’ll see why.

The Dr. Zhivago drink at Che with some empanadas of course. A truly great spot on the Intracoastal in Delray; especially at sunset.

Blowing off steam at the Silverball Museum in Delray. Pick up the Delray Newspaper and check out the back page for special offers.

Elections! Ok I’m kidding. Just checking to see if your paying attention.

My sister in law Maria’s artichoke chicken (which sadly returned to Pittsburgh).

Texting with Marisa Herman and Scott Porten and watching Scott fall behind as the lightning fingers of Marisa and the quick wit of a certain middle age blogger engulfs him in speed and humor.

Bagels from Bagels With. Also, Bagel with A Schmear, where the owners are beyond nice.

Dinner at Grato in West Palm. Worth the drive from Boca and Delray. Don’t miss the cauliflower side dish.

Kibitzing with the deli crew at Fresh Market.

Seeing Celsius on the shelf at Fresh Market. (Shameless plug number one).

Watching a Miami Heat game and seeing a Tabanero hot sauce ad. We are the official hot sauce of the Heat. (Shameless plug number two).

The weather.

Spending time with and texting with Old School Square founder Frances Bourque.

Voting alongside Jim Nolan. Well known Delray raconteur.

Seeing the Persily’s. Great people.

Visiting with Sandy Tobias and Cathy Weil from the Seagate at The Hamlet.

Name checking Pame Williams.

March Madness brackets and rooting for Syracuse along with Deborah Dowd.

Jen Costello turning 50! Where oh where did the years go? Then again her boys are now a foot taller than I am.

March fact: Delray Beach’s mean credit score is 719, ranking the city 734th in America and in the 71st percentile of cities in terms of credit. Boca’s mean credit score is 722, putting the city in the 76th percentile and ranking the city number 620.
Number one ranked: The Villages, Florida at 807. The  worst credit scores can be found in Camden, NJ at 541.  Stats were compiled by Wallet Hub.

A trip to the Miami Open on picturesque Key Biscayne. The event is moving next year to Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens after 32 years at Crandon Park. The move has many locals sad, all the more reason we should keep the Delray Open and stop wasting taxpayer money on a lawsuit that had to be amended by a lame duck commission—an admission that their costly politically motivated suit was on shaky ground. Enough already. (Sorry, couldn’t contain the rant).

Lunch with Mark Sauer at the Cuban Cafe…he’s inspiring. So is his Delray Students First.

Until next month…be safe.


  1. Jennifer Costello says

    Good morning,
    Thanks for the shout out! Yep, 50!!!! Didn’t think I’d make it to this age when I was younger.
    And very proud of my taller than all of us kids. They are the best part of me and Jeff.

    Be well my friend!

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