The Water Cooler: Remembering the Shutdown; seeking celeb encounters

What are you talking about?

What are you talking about?


From the “what are people talking about at the water cooler?” department:


Seems like we caught a break with the temporary funding of the government. But, wait till early next year and it will be like “Ground Hog Day” again with vicious in-fighting, blame games galore, and tiresome partisan politics.

Well, what’s your favorite “shutdown” story?

One of mine was a quick visit to local Rep. Ted Deutch’s web site during the shutdown. I was greeted on the home page with a sign, “Sorry, we’re closed for business.” Don’t know about you, but I found this somewhat disturbing. After all, Ted was being paid. Why would his office be closed?

The other disturbing thing about the shutdown was that it really showed that our leaders have created a privileged ruling class for themselves:

  • They get paid during shutdowns
  • They don’t pay into Social Security
  • They are exempt from the Affordable Healthcare Act, while deciding it’s good enough for us
  • Approve their own raises

The list goes on. This appears to be the real issue facing voters. Should those we elect approve legislation that allows them to live by different rules than those who elect them. This concept was supported by a recent 60 Minute segment on Leadership PACs, identified as a legal slush fund for our leaders. Will it be changed? Unlikely since Congress would have to vote on it. Don’t hold your breath on this and the other privileges.

Please note, in our efforts to be non-partisan, we have not mentioned any political party. We’re equal opportunity pundits.

Ever Been Stiffed By A Celebrity? Let us know

Heard on a sports talk show that a Kansas City Chief player left a $1,000 tip on a restaurant bill. Good for him. Also heard that a Amare’ Stoudemire of the Knicks left a $10 tip on a $150 bill in an Arizona diner. Another caller said that A-Rod doesn’t tip at a bagel joint in Miami. Have you ever been stiffed by  a celebrity? Or heard of it happening? Let us know.

Our site’s co-founder Jeff Perlman came down to Fort Lauderdale in 1978 to see his beloved New York Yankees in Spring Training. He spent a week working in a car lot at a hotel frequented by the Yankees. When he approached one of his favorites, pitcher Ed Figuroa for an autograph, the player allegedly rolled up the car window and drove away. Jeff may deny it, but we believe the incident left a scar to this day.

Have you been dissed similarly? Let us know. Write to us at

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