1. A wise person once said that Delray was at it’s best when it was working on “Big Things”. There are still big things to be done and people need to be challenged to step forward and “grab hold”. Participation and inclusion were always the “keys to the kingdom” that “made Delray work”. It can happen again!

  2. A very special place. It certainly has changed since I first came in 1971. I like the changes. Growth will continue. The world has discovered the beaches. The very vibrante down town. Parks would be wonderful. Community can bring a focus. We need to address affordable housing. For all including the elderly. As a former Chairperson of a Housing Authority , I understand the need of that housing.

  3. Mariann Gerwig says

    Once again you write honestly without attacking others. I would like to say the person that asked you for solutions must not be aware of the time you spent on the commission and also as Mayor. During your tenure as well as Dr. Alperin’s tenure as Mayor, our little town started to shine as bright as our south Florida sun. Residents have to start stepping forward to be part of the solution and not just pointing out others short comings. It used to feel like the residents voices were heard and the city government was transparent, we have lost that. It seems, to me at least, that there have been some questionable management actions taken by our Civic Leaders.

    it was a fews citizens that came up with programs like “The Socially Distance Supper Club” that became so successful in helping area restaurants during this pandemic. Now additional chapters have opened copying the business plan. I have not seen any city government back or start programs like this.

    • Jeff Perlman says

      Thanks so much for your kindness.
      I really believe there is a hunger for engagement and a strong desire to connect as neighbors. The city used to lead these efforts and would have partnered with efforts such as the Socially Distanced supper club. We can do this again.

  4. I’m glad someone is talking about specifics. Real plans. Real action steps And taking advantage of the groundwork already laid. How ironic that such ideas sound revolutionary.

  5. Bill Bathurst says

    lets get to work on the big things again

    • Jeff Perlman says

      That’s what we were once known for.
      We have to aspire, that’s what creates value, pride and yes love of community.

  6. Shana Ostrovitz says

    Yes, Yes, Yes. I love the idea of the potluck dinners and getting behind big, audacious projects! I was so impressed with the Socially Distanced Supper club (citizen led) but didn’t see much from city that was inspiring. Community members love this town, it’s time to get behind the programs and activities that we believe in. There are young, energetic and innovative people who want to support and work here, but aren’t finding support from Delray right now, I’d love to see that change.

    • Jeff Perlman says

      Hi Shana.
      I love how you think. There is some much energy we can and should tap into. I’m hoping that starts soon because we desperately need new, inclusive thinking.

  7. Cory Cassidy says

    Great read.
    I totally agree with you. It is time to get our Community back together, working together.
    Thank you.

  8. This article is both informative & Inspiring.

  9. Ellie Hayman says

    I agree with Mary. I love your blog Always so informative. You are a very Special man. A speedy recovery

  10. Frances Bourque says

    I am getting so excited to imagine that “those were the days” can easily be replaced with “ these are the days”! I fell in love with so many people I had never known….. and I am still in love! It’s like Peck’s Bad Boy was Delray and put in a “ time out”! Time served! Let’s get back to the energy we created and hang in for another explosion of talent . It was then, and can be now, an amazing and spiritual community experience!! Most true leaders inspire and their gift is allowing many voices to be heard! And then get out of the way! It’s time for many voices to be heard! Thanks , Jeff, my HERO!

  11. LOUIS I BROWN says

    You and I have talked about all of this before. It is funny you mention the Elder Ready Task Force project. I just threw out in the garbage the last booklet I prepared for Delray. The project took a year and a half out of my life as well as 20 others who were assigned to the task force. Delray let it sit there, and did nothing about the recommendations put forward except put in a couple of new bus stands. The state of Florida was very disappointed, as was I. I suggested to you years ago that the key people at the time be invited back to old school square to tell their stories on how we became the all American city, and their part in it, but no one wanted to hear it, it was outdated for the times…..welllll, its funny how history repeats itself isn’t it?? Here we are in the “new times” and things are not looking too good.

  12. Frances Bourque says

    You are always welcome back to OSS to talk and share about how to try a “do over”! Find your 20 year book! Good ideas stay good!!

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