1. Yvonne Odom says

    Always enjoy reading your articles. One added observation. “Rentals” would not be our main focus in my opinion. Because in the long run only the “ investors” benefit. The rent will eventually exceed the ability of the “ bus driver” to pay. Home ownership should be the ultimate goal.( too much to say about that). Thanks for your thoughts

    • Jeff Perlman says

      Thanks for your kind commends Mrs. Odom.
      I think home ownership is the ideal, but we are out land and land is more than a million an acre, that makes affordability a very difficult math problem.
      So we may have to add rentals to accomodate the workforce or affordable condo’s/townhomes but we would need density to make a dent. The downtown master plan educated the public about the virtues of density done right, but sadly we stopped engaging the public and those in the boat so to speak want to pull up the ladder.

  2. Jeff, as always a very accurate description of Delray over the last 35 years. Change is constant and to most people fearful. Change gives us the opportunity to direct it especially if people are thinking and working together. I hope this next election starts to bring a change that Delray desperately needs. Tom

  3. Jeff, as always, very well written. As a resident of Delray Beach for over 40 years, and as a past Chair of the P&Z Board and a member of the CRA board, I have my own views on the trends. I see the past few Commission majorities being composed of individuals who arrogantly believe that they know better than the public they serve. Thus, the takeover of the previously award-winning CRA, and the coup-like eviction of the OSS board, the latter being done without any public input, and without any plans for the future. The hope is that the public recognizes that this is a problem which can be solved by electing people who welcome the views of their neighbors and who are less concerned with power than with being a true public servant.

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