Some Points To Ponder for Boca/Delray

Well, here goes…..

If you had to name the geographic location of “downtown” Boca Raton, where would it be?
1. Mizner Park
2. Royal Palm Plaza
3. Palmetto & Federal
4. Other?
What would happen if you gathered a few 12 year olds, brought them to a basketball court and rolled out a ball? Maybe nothing. It just appears that today’s youths are so accustomed to organized sports with time clocks, statistics, uniforms, and officials that they have lost the real value of just playing in a park. Remember when we used to call our own fouls and balls and strikes, chose up our own teams, and played till we lost. Think about it. It was a real-life lesson. Just a thought.
Here we go. Entering prime time of Hurricane Season. How many have actually rolled out their generators and fired them up? I know one person who hasn’t.
Ever want just a regular slice of pizza? Stop by Tomasso’s on Palmetto Park Road, just east of I-95. Nothing fancy, just a good slice. This is what we call a pizza “joint.” A bit of a departure from the gourmet pizza, stone fired, etc. Speaking of pizza, isn’t there something wrong with putting pineapples on a pie?
Some things we take for granted here in Florida:
1. The most picturesque highway is the one leading down to Key West
2. Florida sunsets
3. The clouds. A friend once said that “Florida clouds are our landscape.”
4. South Florida is really becoming home. We’ve stopped asking – “Where are you from?”

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