Remembering a Local Legend

Bert Fashaw


We lost a local legend last week and in this time of pandemic, I fear that these losses will pass without the notice they deserve.

Bert Fashaw passed last week. He was 83. He leaves behind a large family and a whole lot of friends and fans who remember him fondly.
Mr. Fashaw worked for the City of Delray for 33 years and also served the School Board for 34 years.
He was a Parks Ranger for Delray and spent many years guarding the parking lot during City Commission meetings.
From his post, he saw it all. All the players, past and present, all the crowds during contentious issues and all the characters that make up Delray Beach.
  I got to know him when I was a reporter assigned to cover Delray and later as an elected official. He would deliver to my home my packet of mail and the agenda for the next commission meeting  every Friday night and we would often chat about all things Delray.
Mr. Fashaw was funny. He was wise and he had a great way of putting issues into perspective.
I enjoyed every one of our interactions.
I especially enjoyed our chats pre and post meeting. I would pull into the City Hall lot and Bert would give me his read for the evening based on what he was seeing and feeling.
“Going to be a long night,” he would often say if he felt we were in for a night of trouble. Or “don’t worry, nothing much is going to happen” if he thought an issue was over blown.
I don’t think he was ever wrong.
I guess you pick up a lot about a place if you work there for three decades or more as he had.
He had community ties too and knew the pulse of the city.
My lasting image of Bert Fashaw was him in his Park Ranger uniform complete with hat and an ever present cigar.
We felt he had our backs when we walked out to our cars sometimes very late at night or in the wee hours of the morning after long meetings.
If we got out early, we could always count on a few good words with our friend.
A former city commissioner sent me his obituary and I noticed that there was no service as a result of the coronavirus. It mentioned the possibility of one at a later date.
And I thought how sad to pass during this time of international crisis. How sad it is that we  can’t gather to say goodbye, share stories, pay tribute and otherwise remember a loved one.
What a sad, sad time.
Let’s do our best not to forget those we lose during this dark season.
Thanks Mr. Fashaw for your service and your friendship. You will be missed.


  1. Diane Reeves says

    A beautiful tribute to a wonderful man! Thanks for sharing this, although I never met Mr. Fashaw, I wish I had. My heart goes out to his friends and loved ones.

    • Jeff Perlman says

      Thanks so much. Stay safe.

      • Jackie Brown says

        Yes Mr Fashaw was one of a kind. Many people may remember him directing traffic at St Vincent’s Catholic Church as well. This was before my time. I was told he would blow his whistle and dance as he directed traffic in his cowboy boots and hat..I assured the parishioners that, I wouldn’t be doing that. I’ve been a CSO with the City of Delray Beach Police Department for 33yrs and he was always one of my favorite persons. Full of stories and he truly cared about his job and the people of this community.. R.I.P.

    • Nadne Fashaw says

      I remember when I was at hospice with my dad Frank Fashaw . He was known as Nano or biscuit When my uncle Bert walk in that room he said a prayer and sang a song it gave me great comfort to know my daddy had his brother’s around him. And Even though I didn’t visit much, I still loved my aunt Viola and my uncle Bert. I got many more memories,.and I can’t tell them all But if it’s God Will We all meet again. Aunt Viola We love you.

  2. Bert was one of a kind. He was always positive and had a real pulse on DELRAY. Thank you for sharing.tom

  3. Charles Furment says

    Jeff thanks for sharing and writing this remembrance. Bert was one of the nicest people I’ve met in my life. Unbelievably funny, giving and humble. We shared a lot of time together waiting for commission meetings to end and later at his home when I’d help him and his wife with their home computer. Bert is also responsible for getting me to quit smoking (me and my family will always be indebted to him for that one.) I’ll miss that great man. May you rest in peace Bert.

  4. Kimm Rolle-Grant says

    Mr. Fashaw was a father to all. Great role model. My condolences to the fami

  5. Verna Harris says

    On Behalf of the Pompey Park Senior Club under director
    Vienna Harris. I would like to say Mr. Fashaw was a faithful and loyal member to the senior club. He will beat me to my work shift ( Lol) and be ready to participate in activities . He will truly be missed but never forgotten.
    To the family May God strengthen you in this time of loss. My condolences and prayers are with you.

    • Jeff Perlman says

      Thank you Mrs. Harris. Stay safe.

      • I am sending you my condolences to Bert, Jr , Viola (his beautiful wife) & family!! He’ll always be in my heart! He helped me as I helped him. So very sorry for your loss. I was not only Berts Supervior when he was my park ranger in the city since 1980 til he retired 2005, & he still stopped in my office to check up on me, but he was a great man a great funny man always made me laugh & put smiles on my face when he came to my office reporting to me at work. I have so many memories & stories I’d love to share but I’m sure he’s told you Bert,Jr & your mom Viola. Sending lots of love and prayers & condolences to my dear friend Viola she’s a great wife & mom. Bert always had love for his family, especially his beautiful wife Viola & his kids. Bert,Jr he always told me how proud he was in your career on the police force just like he was. Again, I’m so sorry 😐 😢 I just spoke to you Bert,jr yesterday afternoon & your mom Vi last night she told me that he was in his last stage. I cried 😢. I miss him so much, but, now he’s with my mom & dad he knew them & loved them. RIP my dear friend Bert Fashaw!! I’ll always remember our talks & how you made me laugh & smile!! Viola please try to be strong for your kids & stay healthy that’s what Bert wants you to do. ❤️❤️❤️❤️😢😢😢😢 loved him sooo much & love you all!! I’m here for you anytime! My shoulders to lean upon my ears to listen!!

  6. S Privitera says

    Great story. I had the pleasure of meeting Bert when I was in high school, at Boca high. Mr Fashaw always took the stage or went right to the middle of the basketball court and sang at pep rally’s; he was the highlight and never shy, Between classes he would talk with the students. Always in the mix always, and did so much more for everybody each day. When I came to work for the city he was still a park ranger and saw him on a regular basis He will be missed!

  7. Sheila Banks says

    On behalf of the Banks Family we send our prayers and condolences. May God comfort your family and our community. 💔🙏🏼❤️
    Best Regards,

  8. Dorothy Ellington says

    I am so sorry to hear this. Bert was my buddy and always had me howling with laughter at his “Park Ranger” stories, especially the cemetery. I missed him when he retired; leaving Commission meetings was never the same. My condolences to his wife and ‘very large family’.

  9. Bill Smith says

    Thanks for sharing. I hadn’t heard of Berts passing. Always had fond memories of visiting with him while I was out patrolling the city. I would stop when I saw him closing the parks or at City Hall and we would have great conversations and swap stories. Bert was a jewel in the city.
    Bill Smith, DBPD Retired

  10. Sharon Koskoff says

    Thumbs Up Bert, may you Rest In Peace… thanks Jeff for your eloquence…

  11. Joe Gillie says

    Bert was bigger than life… always enjoyed interacting with him … as he was quite the story teller. First met him when his wife worked at Old School Square. Realized then he was a true pioneer with a loving family and many friends. Deepest sympathy to his family!

  12. There wasn’t anything Mr Fashaw wouldn’t do for you…I met him way back when we got bus to Carver half a day the other half Seacrest at that time…He had a food truck.. I remember he told me if you ever have a problem here you let me know…All I had to do is mention Mr.FashawIn name..They realized who he was…I have alot of good memories of him… In 1990 he moved in down the street from us…in Delray Shores….My kids loved him… Mr.Fashaw will surely be missed…I am glad I knew him…Gone but not Forgotten……Always in Our Hearts….Coledences to all his Family…..R.I.P…..

  13. Allen Mosley says

    I have a very different view of Mr. Fanshaw, As a young kid living and growing up in Delray Beach specifically Carver Park. Bert was my neighbor and a role model, I can honestly say my 1st unofficial job came byway of Bert. He was working at the time as a Custodian at Carver High School. He allowed me to work with him and paid me out of his own pocket.. What an incredible Family Man his wife Vye, daughter Elaine and son Bernard. Bert was a legend to us and demonstrated work ethic and supporting his family. He served as personal hero to me growing up there. After leaving Delray for my Military career I returned to Delray and attended Historically Mt Olive Baptist Church where Mr Fashaw was a member of this congregation. RIP Mr Bert Fashaw……

    Allen E. Mosley

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