Random Thoughts on a Monday

Pet Parade also raised funds for Dezzy's Second Chance Rescue

Pet Parade also raised funds for Dezzy’s Second Chance Rescue

Random thoughts on a Monday…

Happy 10th anniversary to the Delray Beach Miracle League

It’s hard to believe that a decade has passed. I still remember the first presentation that Julia and Jeff Kadel did at City Hall.

Their passion, commitment and ability to deliver are simply remarkable. They got it done and our kids have benefitted immensely.

Sure, it takes a village, but the village has to include some amazing people and the Kadel’s certainly qualify.

Congratulations on a truly remarkable achievement.

Blaze Pizza

My day job requires that I keep up on some trade publications and so I have been reading a whole lot lately about a new franchise—Blaze Pizza.

Blaze Pizza is being billed as the Chipotle of the pizza business.

Explosive growth is being predicted for this concept, which is a build your own pizza and then watch it cook in 180 seconds.

Blaze recently opened on US 1 in Boca and we tried it last week.

The review: wonderful.

Fresh ingredients, gluten free, plenty of veggies available and a friendly staff.

Keep an eye on this concept.

Easter Bonnet Dog Parade

Every year I wait anxiously for the phone to ring, praying for the offer.

It came this year while sitting at the Solita Table at the Savor the Avenue event.

“Would you be a judge at the Easter Bonnet Dog Parade?” said CRA Green Market Director Lori Nolan.

Are you kidding? Of course!

There is no more fun under the sun than to watch the parade of dogs and sometimes cats, birds, goats and chickens that show up in their finest Easter wear.

The people are pretty interesting too.

This year, was no different. And the cat, 18 years old and brave, got a special award.

It was also interesting to note that most of the pets who participated were rescues; fitting since the parade highlighted the great work being done by Dezzy’s Second Chance Rescue, a fixture at the market.


Kudos to the Pineapple

Our friends at The Pineapple Newspaper did it again with a very cool April Fool’s prank outlining a new TV series featuring Delray politics.

There was some inspired casting including Ed Harris as Mayor Glickstein and Eva Longoria as Commissioner Jordana Jarjura.

Last year, The Pineapple created a stir when they reported that Boca Raton was purchasing Delray Beach. The report went viral on social media.

Kudos to Jeffrey Dias, Ryan Boylston and the team for their good work.

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