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Random thoughts….
Question: how are we going to get a vaccine by the end of the year if we haven’t yet figured out a way to stock toilet paper in our stores?
A friend texted me the other day and said he hated the term “new normal.”
I agree.
We can’t think that we will be living in a pandemic forever. We just can’t. We will get back to living life which includes socializing with other humans.
What do I miss most?
Hugs. Giving them and getting them.
There is no acceptable excuse to avoid a Zoom call or Zoom Happy Hour. What are you going to say, ‘I’m busy’—it doesn’t fly.
The press is not the enemy of the people. It’s the guarantor of our Democracy.
I hate inaccurate reporting as much as the next person and have been on the receiving end of bad reporting. But our First Amendment sets us apart and we must get back to a place where we can agree on objective facts.  PS There is some remarkable journalism being practiced today. Look no further than the Wall Street Journal, New York Times and right  here at home I’ve been impressed recently by the work of C. Ron Allen in the Boca Tribune.
It’s alarming that Palm Beach County is one of three counties nationally considered high risk thanks to increasing infections.
We took a ride downtown over the weekend and didn’t see a lot of social distancing. Complacency in these times can get you and others in trouble. It can kill you.
One of the saving graces of staying at home in 2020: streaming services.
Can you call imagine how long the nights would be without Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime?
Here’s a few recommendations: “Never Have I Ever” on Netflix, “Upload” on Amazon and “I Know This Much is True” on HBO.
Also don’t miss “The Last Dance” on ESPN.
There is some talk about moving the start of hurricane season to May from June.
Between coronavirus, murder hornets, locusts and toilet paper shortages I would argue that we can do without hurricanes this year.
We’ve got enough on the plate for a while.
On a personal note, I wanted to thank everyone for the overwhelming support after we posted about the loss of our beloved golden retriever Teddy last week.
We received flowers, cards, comforting messages and even a poster featuring Teddy.
He was the best dog imaginable.
I believe he’s in a better place, free of pain and that we will see each other again.
Thank you for all the love and concern. You are the very best.  And again of you can rescue a pet please do so. You will find that they rescue you.


  1. Shirley Johnson says

    Mayor Perlman, this is the second time that I started a comment. Let me try hard to complete the post this time.
    I was so sorry to learn of your dear “Teddy”‘s passing. I delayed calling you for that very reason. May he rest in peace free of pain forever.
    The first comment (never completed) was to respond to the passing of Bert Fashaw. Bert was the drum major when I was a majorette in the Carver High School Marching Band. How proud we were of ourselves! He was a true showman and “leader of the band”. I will miss him dearly. If only there had been video in those days. Carver’s band was County renowned and made us believe that there were possibilities.
    When I was elected to the Commission, we reconnected and would relive some of that past glory as he would wait for us to clear City Hall and the parking lot. Rest in Peace, Bert.
    I have comments about COVID-19 that are somewhat different from yours:
    1) whatever you call it, we will never return to exactly the way we were. Pandemics are game changers that way (the misnamed Spanish Flu of 1918);
    2) some things are impervious to change (ie racism, feeling of privilege, self absorption);
    3) I too love to hug and shake hands, bowing will be just fine from now on;
    4) finally those who are the least of these may feel that it is time to reconsider that idea;
    5) everyone will have either lost someone or know someone who has by the normalcy end of this pandemic (remember the AIDs virus);
    6) who leads/governs us matters and I finally believe that “History does repeat itself often”.

    • Jeff Perlman says

      Dear Vice Mayor Johnson:
      Thanks for your kind comments. They mean a lot to our family.
      I’m praying for our elected leaders to steer us to safe shores during this trying time. I have a lot of faith in you, less so in other elected leaders. Please stay safe and I look forward to seeing you soon. I miss our lunches. Best, Jeff.

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