March Round Up

Things We loved in March.

Not much. Let’s face it, it has been a trying month. And trying really doesn’t cover it does it?
Historic? Yes. Awful? Very.
But there’s always a silver lining. So it was nice to see the compassion of neighbors. Nice to see the lack of complaining when beloved community events were cancelled.
Here a few highlights…some of which were written before the onset of Covid-19.
The Socially Distanced Supper Club founded by John Brewer and Ian Paterson forms “flash mobs” to support local restaurants during this trying time. What a great idea by two truly great guys. Find the club on Facebook.
Kudos to a group of Delray moms who started a GoFundMe page, Food and Morale for Healthcare Workers and 1st Responders. Donations support employees on the front lines at Delray Beach Medical Center, Boca Raton Regional Hospital, West Boca Medical Center and Bethesda Hospital West. Additionally, people in fire and EMS, law enforcement and janitorial services across South Florida.
We are fans of Delray Morning Live.
It’s a terrific local show that runs every Wednesday at 8:30 am on Facebook. If you miss it it’s archived.
But if you care about what’s happening in our town you really need to check it out.
We were really thrilled to see Marisa Herman, the truly excellent editor of the Delray Newspaper and Boca Newspaper on a recent show.
Granger’s is rapidly becoming a go-to lunch spot. Heck, it’s arrived. And for good reason.
Great food, fair prices, friendly service and easy parking. It’s a winning combination.
Our favorite: the turkey burger. We took out during the crisis. Please consider supporting your local restaurants.
Once the crisis passes, if you are in Boca for lunch, check out Madison’s.
Great food, good service and the best sautéed broccoli you are likely to find.
I tried watching Hunters on Amazon Prime with the great Al Pacino.
It was well done. Pacino was excellent. But I quit after two episodes. Way, way, way too violent. The real world is scary enough.
Kudos to Boca Raton on their new park Hillsboro El Rio North.
It’s so well done. Beautifully laid out with the right blend of open space and activities.
Well done. Boca parks are just the best. Very special.
Congratulations to Boca Mayor Scott Singer on his re-election.
Mayor Singer has done a fine job and truly seems to enjoy serving and promoting his city.
He’s a mayor who matters and he’s done a great job during the coronavirus crisis.
We finally checked out the Wine Room on Atlantic Avenue.
It’s terrific.
Lively, great happy hour menu and the space just can’t be beat in terms of historic character.
Wishing them well.
When the ban on gyms is lifted, If you want to be inspired, get up early and head to The Zoo in Boynton Beach to watch Delray architect Gary Eliopoulos put on a workout clinic.
He’s there most mornings at 5 am.
If you didn’t see it, Google Alex Trebek’s short video on surviving one year with pancreatic cancer.
He’s a brave soul and an inspiration. One day at a time. No matter the situation.
For the first time in its history, Delray Beach Fire Rescue has achieved accreditation with the Commission on Fire Accreditation International (CFAI).
DBFR, which was officially awarded this prestigious status  at the Center for Public Safety Excellence conference in Orlando, is now one of only .9 percent of fire departments in the country that hold this accreditation, as well as Class 1 status from the Insurance Service Organization, which it achieved in 2018.
Seeing Delray’s very own Taverna Trela featured on Restaurant Impossible was cool.
Very entertaining episode.
We mourn the loss of Linda DeNiro, daughter of our late friend Jack DeNiro.
Like her dad, Linda was a realtor and a long time resident of Delray.
We also lost Carmelita Smith, a longtime affordable housing advocate in Delray.
She was a kind and dedicated professional who will be missed by those of us who worked with her.
We also mourn the loss of Tommy Stevens, who along with Libby Wesley, ran the Roots Festival for many years. Tommy was a gentle soul who cared deeply for the community.
Let’s hope April is a better month. Be safe and stay healthy.

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