Greetings from Delray Beach, Fla

helloWe live in a place where people like to vacation.
That’s far from a revelation, but sometimes I think we forget about that.

We live in a place so nice that others come here to spend their precious time off.
They are here now. It’s Spring Break and you can see families downtown and at the beaches.

We have a short season, a few hectic months where our streets become crowded. A few hectic months–maybe four–where it becomes a little harder to get a seat in a favorite restaurant or a parking spot. But not that hard if we’re honest.

A lot of people worked for a long time to bring traffic to our sidewalks and Main Street. It sure beats the alternative.

If you want to “fix” or eliminate traffic the answer is simple: create a place where nobody wants to go.
We chose the opposite path and we succeeded. Isn’t it marvelous? We live in a place where people vacation.

Those crowds some of us lament actually support a bunch of small businesses we love and jobs that are valuable to those who have them. It’s a small price to pay.
In the past few weeks, we have been fortunate to host friends and family visiting from other locales. All of them marveled at where we live. They love the beaches and the culture, the downtown and the restaurants. They envy the weather and the sheer amount of things to do–festivals included.
As locals we are lucky. We get to live here year round. April is around the corner. It will begin to slow down–just a little.
But isn’t this place just great?

A teacher of mine once said ‘appreciate what  you have and you’ll always be happy but if you focus on what you don’t you will be miserable’.

He was right.
Words to live by. Gratitude and appreciation.


  1. Want events even 10 miles away emailed please

  2. So true Ken,
    It truly is very easy to get lost and lose track of the great things in front of us. Thanks for the reminder….I think I’ll take a walk on the beach now.

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