Good Guys (And Gals) Do Not Finish Last

John McCain’s passing prompted a national conversation. Will it yield results?

In the end the good guys win.
Oh they may lose a few battles, they may endure a few bumps and bruises but in the end their goodness wins.
That was the feeling I had while watching John McCain’s magnificent funeral at the National Cathedral.
Senator McCain’s death reminds us of the importance of bipartisanship, the merits of a good fight for a just cause and that there is another path to take. Away from partisanship. Away from rancor and division. Away from meanness and cruelty.
It was a parting gift from a great man. Will we seize it?

We will reset our course and summon our better angels or we will head into November and continue to tear each other apart?

I know what the right course is. Most people do.

But we need our political leaders to actually lead for a change, to make a fundamental choice to be principled but decent, to find a way forward and not succumb to the same old tired divisions.

The benefit of the better angels should be self evident. Who do you want to do business with: a tough but honest person who treats his employees and customers with kindness or an egomaniac who oversees a dysfunctional culture?

Travis Kalanick, the founder of Uber, built a brilliant platform but was ousted because his “bro culture” proved toxic.

Harvey Weinstein may have been a great film producer but his abhorrent and reprehensible behavior toppled his empire.

These days, the volatile hot-headed Elon Musk finds himself scrutinized for his narcissistic behavior that threatens to undermine the brilliance of Tesla.

If he or other despots don’t change their ways, they will fail. Because in the end that is the only outcome for those who go it alone, can’t get along with others, bully, berate and boast.

Oh they may enjoy a run. They may go far but ultimately they will be hoisted by their own petard as the saying goes.

That goes for CEOs of multinational companies, owners of small businesses, presidents and small town mayors and council members.

If you think you are the smartest person in the room let me assure you, you are not.
If you think you can bully and intimidate your way through life let me assure you that someday you will run into someone who will not abide your behavior.

You will be called out.

You will be exposed.

Your success will be ephemeral, not lasting.

John McCain reminds us of that truism. He was a good man whether or not you agreed with his politics.
The world will miss John McCain. He gave us a much needed moment of unity.
We need that moment to become a way of life, a value and belief system that nobody dares to ignore or disrespect.

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