The Interview: “Big” Joe Stout of The Food

Joe Stout, the visionary behind

Joe Stout, the visionary behind The


We recently caught up with Big Joe Stout, founder of, a web site that reviews and features many of the restaurants here in Delray Beach. This is what he had to say about the culinary delights in Delray.


How did you come up with the idea for The Food Beat?: I was watching “Diner’s, Drive In’s, and Dives” one night and thought to myself, “Why couldn’t I do something like this for Delray Beach?” With the amazing popularity of the Food Network and Delray’s expansive array of eating places, it just seemed to make sense. And when you factor in that my life’s work has focused on food and video production, the marriage came naturally. I owned and operated a chain of five restaurants, a catering company, and a wholesale bakery in Michigan from 1980 to 1997, and then jumped into video production soon after. The Food Beat provides a restaurant and entertainment search engine where each business is featured in high definition video. This gives people looking for a place to eat  a more comprehensive understanding of what they will be getting. We also have programs that provide an in-depth look at the restaurant and also gives viewers some unique insight. Everything we do is off-center and generally whimsical. Our show “Rollin with Murph” stars Danny Murphy, a chair-user for over 30 years. Danny has been in many major motion pictures including “There’s Something About Mary” and “Kingpin.” The show brings out the user friendly attributes of a restaurant’s accessibility. “The Nutrition Goddess” features bubbly nutrition expert Coco Fry who explores the healthier side of Delray dining, and “Food Woofers” is our version of “Man VS Food.”  We even have a show called “Home Cook’n” that provides our viewers with video recipes they can also print out.



What are some interesting stories you can tell about exploring the world of restaurants here?: Two things kind of jump out at me. One, the majority of the locally owned restaurateurs are extremely passionate about their work. Part of that is because they know the competition is significant, but I believe more so because they have a tremendous amount of pride in what they do. There is a huge level of satisfaction knowing customers love your food and service, and of course, that generally equates to a growing business.

The other things that jumps out is the high level of skepticism most of these business owners have. I’m from Michigan where most people are more trusting and open…certainly more guarded here in south Florida. When I tell them the listing is free and they have no obligation, you can sense they are wondering what the catch is. You really have to work at building the trust, but once you do, the entire process gets much easier.

Overall, I have met some really good people who are hard working, community oriented people that love Delray Beach.

How many different types of restaurants are there in Delray?: On one of our shows, “Street Beat” where we ask locals random food related questions, we asked what restaurants  is Delray Beach missing? There is certainly no shortage of Italian joints, but a few mentioned Indian and  a Brazilian Steakhouse. Other than that, I believe most cuisine bases are covered nicely. We have really made a diligent effort to locate the unique and off the radar places a lot of people are unaware of. Believe it or not, there are many great places to eat in Delray Beach that are not in the downtown section of Atlantic Avenue. Although the “Ave” is hard to beat for food and excitement, there is a bigger food picture in Delray.



Any particular favorites that you can recommend for the following activities?:

  • Watching a football game: Delray gives you many sports bar options, but I tend to gravitate to the great food, great people spots where I can enjoy the camaraderie. Johnny Brown’s is always fun and has a great bar menu.


  • Taking wife/girlfriend out for birthday, anniversary, Valentine’s Day:  Throw a dart. It all depends what you are looking for, but again, I tend to favor the places where the people are the most welcoming and make you feel special. My wife and have been going to Da Da since we moved here and always take out of town guest’s there for a great evening. Caffe Luna Rosa is wonderful and has a great beach location. SoLita’s has a really hip, chic atmosphere that relates to romance that my wife thinks is really cool. And if you want to feel like you are going to your Italian Uncle’s for a family like gathering, Casa Di Pepe in Pineapple Grove is a great option. I would also suggest a trip out to Patio Delray where Miss Lilly will treat you like a long lost friend.


  • Looking for the most diverse selection of brewskis?: Believe it or not, Puccini’s Pizza has some really great craft beers and they take it very seriously too. I have been there when they host events centered around the introduction of a new ale. I also enjoy throwing back a cold one at Tim Finnegan’s Irish Pub. Great bar, great people, and great food. And if you like Irish Whiskey, no one has a bigger variety in Delray Beach.


  • Other: The organic/health craze is well represented at The Green Gourmet on Jog Road. Joey and Wilson are the gurus of great tasting organic and they really know how to treat their customers. And of course, Fit Food Express brings healthy options right to your door .

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