First Day of Spring: Odds & Ends

Odds and ends.
When you work the phones for candidates, you hear some very interesting things.
Especially when you ask voters why they prefer a candidate. Here’s a sampling:
1. A certain candidate will immediately close all sober homes on day one.

Me: “How could 30 years of commissioners have missed this?”

Voter:  “Gee, I don’t know. But it’s pretty simple really. Just issue an executive order.”
2. No dogs on beach. No vote.
Me: “Well, what about some other issues?”

Voter: “What other issues?”
3. We are both from the same state.

Me: “But what about the issues and experience?”

Voter: “Who has the time to figure that out.”
4. Jim Chard wants 54 story buildings.

Me: “umm… mean 54 feet in height as in our height limit?

Voter:  “No. That’s Not a big deal. But he wants 54 stories and that’s too much.”
5. I like Shirley Johnson.

Me:  “So do I. She worked at IBM for”…interrupted..

Voter: “Laverne & Shirley was my favorite show when I was a child. And I’ve never met an unfriendly Shirley.”

Me: “Good point.”

As you can see from the small sampling above, voters can be interesting and unpredictable.

For instance, Seat 2 candidate Richard Alteus –who never showed up for a debate or filled out a questionnaire– received more votes than Anneze Barthelemy-506 to 488. My guess: his name was first on the ballot.

My daughter the teacher came home from Tampa last week for Spring Break. It’s fun to see the area through her eyes.
Some takeaways:
1. Habit Burger is great.
2. Compared to Tampa there’s no traffic.
3. Rents are really expensive here
4. The new apartments across from Avenue Pilates on North Federal are ideally located. Why? “It’s a cheap Uber ride to downtown and the beach.” Millennials aren’t car centric. They like the apps.
5. The east coast beaches are really amazing.

Today is the first day of spring, a relative term in South Florida. Here are 10 great spots to enjoy early spring.
1. The back deck at Che
2. Deck 84
3. Beer Trade. Now with a new Boca location.
4. The outdoor deck at Waterstone off A1A in Boca.
5. The A1A promenade in Delray. Thanks to the sea grape trim, you can see the beach. And it’s good for the dunes too.
6. The beautiful newly renovated bar and dining area at the Delray Sands, which is actually located in Highland Beach.
7. 50 South Ocean for lunch.
8. Caffe Luna Rosa for breakfast.
9. Outside at Deli on Rye. Best Black and White cookies between here and Juniors at Mizner Park. Seinfeld was right. It’s the perfect cookie. “Oh look Elaine, the black and white cookie. I love the black and white. Two races of flavor living side by side in harmony. It’s a wonderful thing, isn’t it?”
10. Lake Ida Park for nice views, big birds and really big iguanas.

Sometimes I think we take living in Florida for granted.
We have been enjoying amazing weather, there is a vast array of interesting things to do and if you can get out on the water you quickly realize how amazing this place is.
This blog is big on gratitude and so we are grateful for being in this magnificent place at this special time.
While I try not to harbor regrets–what’s the point–I do have one thing that irks me.
It seems like another Spring Training is sliding past me. Ugh. I last attended a game six years ago today–Mets vs. Marlins with my son who was heading to college at UF.
There was a time when I was part of a “guys” group that enjoyed Spring Training weekend trips. Three or four games in different locales over a three day weekend.
Those road trips gave way to single games squeezed in at the last minute thanks to crazy schedules, kids etc. As Bob Seger once sang “deadlines and commitments what to leave in, what to leave out.”
Sadly, many times what we leave out is what truly matters; such as good times with good friends.
It’s a near certainty that we won’t remember what we missed the spring training game for, but we will remember the time we spent with friends.
So as another season slips away– without me slipping away– for some meaningless games in the Florida sun, I’m promising myself more time with friends.
If this resonates with you, let’s hold each other accountable. Or better yet let’s catch a game.


  1. Patricia Sciarillo says

    well said as usual..Sure I complain or comment once in awhile about certain things, but for every negative there are at the very least 5 things positive I like about living here. I think it’s human nature to complain, but deep down anyone who was born here or have made this their permanent home is happy to be here…I know I am…Progress is a good thing but in moderation…Build and they shall come…but when is enough?..Enjoy our beach, weather, downtown area, our town. We are lucky to live here.

    • Jeff Perlman says

      Thanks for your comments.
      I favor intelligent and planned growth/change based on a citizen driven vision and backed by analysis.
      When I look around, I see the opportunities for planned growth along Congress Avenue, North Federal, South of the Avenue and The Set. But parts of East Atlantic Avenue also need some help as long as the project’s meet the rules, are well-designed and hopefully fill some gaps in terms of use. I like mixed use over high end residential–we could use some product that would appeal to young professionals, empty nesters, etc., who can support our independent businesses. We also lack office space–not just “Class A” but co-working or small suite (affordable space). Year round activity will keep our downtown healthy and sustainable. But it must be well designed and in scale. As for parking..there are opportunities in the Mellow Mushroom lot or along our gateways to capture cars and shuttle people to the core. If we believe the gurus–self driving cars and uber type services will arrive and or grow rendering the need for parking structures to lessen. Some cities are requiring new garages to be designed so that they can be converted to housing if and when that day comes. Thanks, again!

  2. Bern Ryan says

    I’m going to the Cards-Marlins game on Saturday!

  3. Today we visited Wacodahatchee Nature preserve and thoroughly enjoyed the birds with their babies, saw two alligators and several turtles. Then, for the first time ever, went to Lake Ida Dog Park. Plus, spent time at the beach this weekend. We live in a very special place and I’m thankful we enjoy it to the fullest. It’s sping, let’s get outside and enjoy!

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