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Elev8 Sports Institue
ELEV|8 Sports Institute is a multi-sport training and instructional business. The core product of ELEV|8 is a player development system that avails to every age and skill level. The Institute’s innovative player development system is intelligently designed to engage athletes in a progression of training programs that will “elevate” them to their next level and empower and propel them throughout their careers. ELEV|8 currently offers programming in baseball, basketball and lacrosse for all ages and skill levels including novice, advanced, elite and professional athletes. The mission for ELEV|8 is “Training Excellence”.

ELEV|8 is owned by Donald Uderitz. ELEV|8 was formed in April 2012. The company had operated under the name “The Bucky Dent Baseball School” for the past 37 years and earned the reputation as one of the world’s premier baseball schools. Mr. Uderitz acquired and has been operating Bucky Dent as a baseball training and camp destination facility since 2005.

In 2011, Mr. Uderitz outlined a vision to create an elite multi -sport athletic training business where best-in-class systems to train and develop athletes of all ages and skill levels challenge the status quo.
Elev 8 athletes have access to world-class professional coaches and trainers who offer innovative and cutting-edge training and developmental techniques steeped in the traditional core fundamentals that they learned throughout their careers.

In 2012 Elev8 began implementing the vision and the training programs were expanded to include the following programs:

• The Elev8 9-month residential Academy where elite domestic and international high school-aged student-athletes and post grad athletes live on our campus, attend local schools and train full-time in our player development system.

• The ELEV|8 Basketball program- With the acquisition of “Ganon Baker Basketball” our program has become the most competitive training program in the nation. Ganon Baker is one of the most respected basketball trainers in the world and is now the Executive director of our basketball program. Ganon currently has the best selling instructional DVD and runs over 220 instructional events around the world.

As part of this acquisition, ELEV|8 acquired “Ganon Baker Nation”, which includes over 40 elite basketball trainers around the world, including the technology platform that supports this business line.

The head coach of the Academy basketball team is Tony Tucker .Highly regarded worldwide as one of the premier elite youth and high school basketball player development specialists , Tony has successfully run other basketball academies throughout his career including the IMG Basketball Academy.

• The ELEV|8 Lacrosse program-With the acquisition of the “Snipers Lacrosse Club” Tony Lowe has become the Executive director of our Lacrosse program. Tony developed Snipers into one of the elite lacrosse development programs in the Southeastern United States and has recently contracted with Major League Lacrosse to run the 2012 Major league Lacrosse All-Star Game at Florida Atlantic University.

Jeff Goldberg was hired as Director of Coaching for the program. Jeff is the most successful Lacrosse coach in Florida Lacrosse history and is the head coach of our teams.

• The Elev8 Baseball program- Luis Alicea became the Executive Director of our baseball program. After playing 13 years in the Major Leagues, Luis worked for the Red Sox organization as a manager of several minor league clubs in their player development system and culminated his career as first base coach of the 2007 World Series Championship Team.


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