Don’t It Feel Like Something From A Dream

“He had history, he had gravitas, he had insight, he was the antithesis of a prepubescent rocker, all poses and no substance. He’d lived, played bars, gone to shows, and when he finally put out a record…

It was the one he wanted to make.

Those are the ones that last. Not the ones made for a market, chasing a hit, but personal statements, of truth.” Bob Lefsetz on Tom Petty.
I grew up with Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers on the turntable and on the radio.
Saw him live many times including my first night in Florida in July ’87 when my best friend Scott and I christened my big move from NY to the Sunshine State with a Tom Petty show at the old West Palm Beach Auditorium ¬†aka the ‘leaky teepee.’
Life seemed so infinite back then.
I was 22, living in the Sunshine and music was a huge part of my life.
Today, I’m 53, still living in the sunshine and music is still a big part of my life.
A great song has the ability to inspire, spark memories or evoke emotion. It’s magic. And Tom Petty was among the best magicians.
But my heroes are fading fast. Bowie, Gregg Allman, Glenn Frey, Lou Reed, George Harrison so many more–all gone.
John Lennon was the first musical icon whose tragic and violent loss hit me hard.
My same friend Scott, along with a few other friends took the train to NYC to join a vigil in Central Park. I will never forget it. How could John Lennon be gone?
Those friends are scattered now.
Scott left Florida for Virginia, one went to California for school and never came back and one became famous on ESPN. Others went to North Carolina, Wisconsin and New Jersey.
I suppose that’s life. We stay in touch as best we can but we will always have the music, if not the artist.
“Even the Losers (Get lucky sometime)” was on the radio in my ’68 Camaro when Scott and I had a near miss on a Long Island highway.
“Here Comes My Girl” gave us swagger (it never lasted) when the biggest thing in our life was working up the courage to talk to someone we thought was cute.
“The Waiting” got me through more than a few heartbreaks.
I fell for Stevie Nicks when she sang with Tom on “The Insider” and “Listen to Her Heart” became an anthem when you were hoping someone you liked would leave the bad guy and give us nice guys a shot.
Yesterday I was driving to a meeting blissfully unaware of what was going on and desperate for a moment of levity after a day full of horrific news out of Las Vegas when I turned on Tom Petty radio.
“Jamming Me” was on and I cranked it up as I cruised Swinton Avenue. The music instantly lifted my spirits. Pure rock n roll, with jangling guitars, hooks galore and Tom’s unmistakable voice…
And then I heard the news. Just like that. Gone…And it is just so hard to fathom like so much that happened on that terrible day.

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