Creative Mornings Rock

Creative Mornings Palm Beach celebrates the selfie. I’m being blocked here by Connor Lynch, who is taller than LeBron.

Oh my goodness, where do you start when you write about Creative Mornings?
Is it the energy of 150 creatives at 8:30 am that makes you feel like the people in the room can transform the world?
Is it the inclusiveness that welcomes all and does not charge admission?
Is it the empowering message of the speakers and hosts?
What about the manifesto which says Creative Mornings are for people who give a damn?
It’s all of those things. And more. Much more.
I’m hooked.
And that’s a good thing because I have less than a month to piece together a talk for the next Creative Morning. After attending the most recent event and viewing several past talks, I have my work cut out for me.  #uhoh.
But enough about my troubles. This is a supportive group, so I’m sure they’ll grade on a curve and give me a pass.
Let’s talk about how cool Creative Mornings Palm Beach is and why convening creatives is hugely important.
Creative Mornings is an international movement with chapters in over 160 cities including five in Florida.
The concept is brilliantly designed and simple: gather for 90 minutes once a month and become part of a community of creative entrepreneurs whose brilliance and positivity will inspire you to new heights personally and professionally.
Alexa Rose Carlin was the speaker at last week’s gathering hosted at TK Academy in Boca Raton, an exciting new coding school. She was in a word: amazing.
Her message addressing inequality touched on themes of empowerment, positivity and gratitude.

At age 25, Alexa is already a national figure hosting national conferences and speaking to major corporations.
She electrified and inspired the crowd. It was amazing to experience.
It seems like these days we wallow in so much soul draining negativity and bile that it’s sometimes hard to trudge out of the house; or to turn on the TV or read the news.
A visit to Creative Mornings reminds you that there are people in our world who are trying to create and innovate. They are busy serving, building, dreaming, doing and aspiring.
I found it to be life affirming and comforting
On August 18 at Delray’s Arts Garage I will attempt to add to the community they have built. But more than anything I will let them know that their work is important and I will say thank you; because we need creativity and positivity now more than ever.

Editor’s note: Last week, our community lost a friend when Skip Sheffield passed unexpectedly. I worked with Skip on two separate occasions at The Boca News and at Atlantic Ave magazine. He was a wonderful man, a terrific musician and a great writer. His arts and music journalism won’t be forgotten and he was a walking encyclopedia of community knowledge. I enjoyed our friendship and loved working with him. The loss was stunning to those of us who knew, loved and respected Skip. He won’t be forgotten and he will be deeply missed. Our prayers are with the Sheffield family during this difficult time.

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