Cool Ideas for Summer

NightshotSummer in the city…

There are two ways to look at it: hazy, hot and humid or cool, creative and crafty.

We prefer the latter.

So here’s our guide to staying cool this summer. 10 ideas to stay cool in Delray.

  • Early morning exercise — eight or so years ago, the park at Old School Square was envisioned as a vibrant “central park”. While that might be a stretch– it is convenient, easily accessible open space in the heart of the Most Fun City in America. Why not take advantage of the sunrise by using the park to work out. Take a Frisbee, a football and a friend or just yourself and an exercise mat. There’s a ton of free parking in the area and a few nearby coffee shops and breakfast nooks to get you going or cool you down when you’re done.
  • Yoga—if you Google yoga in Delray Beach an even 488,000 results pop up. So there’s no shortage of resources, providers, classes etc. But if you’re curious and want to see what you’re getting into drop by the north end of the beach on Sunday evenings at around 5:30 and watch the locals strike a pose.
  • Staycation—summer is the time for deals. So if you’re wondering what that cute hotel or bed and breakfast is like but can’t afford winter rates, check in during the summer months and pretend to be a tourist.
  • Beach promenade—while we recommend Old School Square Park in the morning, we recommend you shift your location east and end your summer evenings with a stroll on the beach promenade. Delray has one mile of ocean and it’s great to walk on the sand or the sidewalk when the sun sets. Cool ocean breezes are possible even in the heart of the summer. And you’ll be delighted by the vibrant local scene—rollerbladers, long boarders, walkers, cyclists, dogs, surfers, sea shell connoisseurs—all can be found at the beach at dusk.
  • Wild Summer Nights—we may be dating ourselves when we reference that obscure “Eddie and the Cruisers” tune but it’s all to make a point. Atlantic Ave is vibrant year-round. That’s quite a contrast from the 80s and 90s when you could have went bowling on Atlantic after 5 and not hit anything. Today, Atlantic remains a lively scene during the “slow” summer months. Maybe, the better term is “slower” because while the crowds are certainly not as large, there is still life downtown in June, July and August.
  • If Wild is Not Your Thing—if you want a break from the Atlantic Avenue scene we recommend the quirky but equally cool Pineapple Grove Arts District. A number of really interesting new restaurants and shops have sprouted up on Second Avenue and now on Third Avenue too. Summer is the best time to check them out.
  • We promised crafty—if craft beer is your thing, Delray has a number of restaurants that are serving things other than Bud and Miller Lite. Dale’s Pale Ale, Mama’s Little Yellow Pills, Woodchuck and Boynton Beach’s Due South brand can be found in a number of restaurants and hot spots ranging from Park Tavern and The Coffee District to Dig and others. Summer seasonal brews are sure to quench your thirst for something different.
  • Don’t Wait, Plan Now for the 4th—Independence Day in Delray is a big deal. Expect huge crowds, patriotic music, sand sculpting, good food, a bike parade and more. But savvy locals and smart visitors book their hotel rooms early and check in for the holiday activities. Why get a room? First, you have a place to cool off during the day. Second, when the fireworks are over you can forget the traffic and head back to an air-conditioned oasis in downtown Delray.
  • Get out in the Water—Summer is the best time to take to the water. Whether it’s a boat, jet ski or swimming trunks—we are surrounded by water and we might as well enjoy it. When swimming in the ocean, always check conditions and avoid sea lice, jelly fish and rip currents. But most times conditions are close to ideal—which is why Delray has been named the best swimming beach in the southeast. For boating and jet skiing, you may also consider the Intracoastal Waterway and beautiful Lake Ida Park. Or consider a cruise out of Veterans Park.
  • Just Relax—don’t sweat the tropics (but do keep an eye on hurricane activity), don’t worry about the heat and humidity, you’re in Delray and now your favorite restaurants are lively (without a wait), it’s easy to see a movie during prime time and the roads are a lot less crowded.

It’s all good. Have a great summer.

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