Boca-Delray Nostalgia

Burdines...sigh..Town Center Mall.

Burdines…sigh..Town Center Mall.

10 reasons to know you’ve lived in Delray for longer than 10 minutes or years…

  1. You remember when the traffic signals were blinking yellow on West Atlantic Avenue and when the corner of A1A and Atlantic felt a little seedy. (You also remember the Georgia Town Tavern, Paradise Club and The Phoenix.)
  2. You remember when you looked forward to seeing all of your neighbors at “Art and Jazz on the Avenue”.
  3. You remember workers applying the final touches of paint on the new tennis stadium when it debuted for the Virginia Slims tournament back in the 90s.
  4. You shot pool at the aforementioned Phoenix and went to reggae night at Boston’s.
  5. You were excited when Damiano’s opened—finally a restaurant!
  6. You remember looking at the pictures on the wall at Cheeburger, Cheeburger.
  7. You can name the restaurant that used to be where’s Bru’s Room is now. Atlantic Station?
  8. You used to have lunch at Coasters.
  9. You bought your baseball glove at Sal’s Sporting Goods store and had a sandwich at Food Fiesta.
  10. You remember when Lou Jensen re-opened the Sundy House, as a tea room.

10 memories of old Boca..

  1. You remember the old Boca Mall on US 1.
  2. You loved Dirty Moe’s.
  3. You actually saw Wilt Chamberlain at Wilt’s on Glades.
  4. You went to Pete Rose’s Ballpark Café to see Pete do his radio show.
  5. You loved a sub from Grace’s.
  6. You went to The Dive Bar in the Boca Mall to hear bands.
  7. You remember when Jimmy Connors played at Boca West.
  8. You went to see a 14 year-old Jennifer Capriati play tennis at the Polo Club.
  9. Tom’s for ribs.
  10. The Monday-Thursday Papers on East Rogers Circle


  1. how about Musicians Exchange where City Oyster is—The Back Room where Honeys is and a real estate office and T shirt shop where Luna Rosa is

  2. Before the tennis stadium – do you remember the old fire station and the old police station?

    • Jeff Perlman says

      I remember the old fire station well, Sandy. The old PD vaguely. Do you remember when all the families got together and built the playground at Veterans Park.

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