Boca #2 Best Dressed Small City

 Lynn U's annual fashion show may be one reason why Boca is a best dressed city.

Lynn U’s annual fashion show may be one reason why Boca is a best dressed city.

Well, in the coming year, as the Avis ads state, Boca Raton will just have to work a little harder.

In a recent survey by the Movato Blog, Boca was ranked No. 2 as the “best dressed small city in the country,” just behind Santa Monica.

With so much going in the world, this is not earth-shattering news, but here at, we just thought this would be of interest, something to bring up while you’re tailgating at an FAU game over a few cold ones. P.S. Delray was nowhere on the list…sigh.

So, what’s the criteria? There are plenty, but you’ll be happy to know that Boca ranked numero uno in tailoring and dry cleaning. According to the blog, Boca has one tailor for every 2,928 residents and one dry cleaner for every 1,273 residents. Guess it takes a lot to look good at the pricey, trendy spots in Boca.

The Movoto Blog is published by the Movoto Real Estate firm. The firm surveys cities with populations between 99,999 and 75,000. They used Yelp to determine how many of each type of store or service they have and counted the highest-priced results for clothes, shoes, and jewelry.

Here’s the full  rankings of the Top 10

  1. Santa Monica, CA
  2. Boca Raton
  3. Newport Beach, CA
  4. Westminister, CA
  5. San Mateo, CA
  6. Santa Barbara, CA
  7. Albany, NY
  8. Evantson, IL
  9. Mission Viego, CA
  10. Miami Beach, CA

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