And in the End..

8daysWe went to see the Ron Howard documentary Eight Days a Week over the weekend.
I’ve been a Beatles fan since childhood even though I was only six when the band broke up in 1970.
While the film, which chronicles The Beatles “touring years” (1963-1966), was available for streaming on Hulu we made the trek to Fort Lauderdale to watch it on the big screen at Cinema Paradiso, a converted church that is home to a non profit film club now known as Savor Films.
We even ran into a few Delray folks, who are also Beatles fanatics.
Watching the movie with other people is a communal experience and you could feel the emotion and energy radiating in the theater. Yes, The Beatles are still magical.
And it’s fun to think of why that is so.

Sure the music is incredible. It not only has held up for 50 plus years, if it’s possible it seems to get better with age.
Yes, the band also had amazing chemistry but there’s something deeper at play here.
I’m not sure it can ever be captured or completely diagnosed but one factor in the band’s enduring popularity are the feelings The Beatles are able to elicit. The music just makes you happy and conjures up all sorts of warm memories.
And because we seem to be in a somewhat dark place these days in America and elsewhere, the music elicits a few tears as well as we remember a better, more hopeful time.
The documentary emphasized the friendship and loyalty between John, Paul, George and Ringo. They were “mates”, protective of one another and fiercely loyal to the enterprise.
Until they weren’t and that’s when things went awry.
It was simple in the beginning, Paul relates and then it grew complicated before falling apart.
And perhaps there’s a lesson in that.
The need to be loyal.

The importance of friendship.

The power of passion and the enduring magic of community.

There’s also a poignant lesson to process.  Even the greatest things in life don’t last. There’s a beginning, a middle and an end.
Eight Days A Week captures the beginning of Beatlemania–a phenomenon never seen before or since. It’s a must see. If you love The Beatles you will be moved.
We were. We were also appreciative of the magic.
These four ‘cheeky’ lads from Liverpool  changed everything. They changed the world…for the better. What a concept.


  1. Patrick Ross says

    Watched their debut on Ed Sullivan holding hands with my girlfriend in the lounge of her dorm. 50 years later, with that girl who had been my wife all those years, held hands and watched the 50th Anniversary Tribute program. Their music, throughout our college years, WAS magical. Love their music to this day. Must admit I got a bit choked up reading your words. Must see 8 Days A Week. Thank you for sharing this.

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