A Golden Anniversary

Golden retrievers gather in Scotland to mark their anniversary.

Last week, news outlets the world over ran a feel good story about a gathering of 361 golden retrievers in Scotland.
The dogs congregated to celebrate the 150th anniversary of their breed. And that is excuse enough for me to write about them.
Golden retrievers have become the third most popular breed in America.
I know why they’re popular. Golden retrievers are— in a word—amazing.

I’ve been blessed to have had four in my life and a now fifth “granddog–Riley.”
My roster of fur greatness:

Rusty, a retriever-shepherd mix who was my boyhood dog. Rusty was in my life from around the age of 9 until I graduated college. It was a long and fun run. He was a rescue from the Kent Animal Shelter on the east end of Long Island.
Magnum, named after the Private investigator played by Tom Selleck in the 80s, was my first puppy. He was an amazing dog, huge, good, smart and loving. He once ate our carpet and a couch, but hey that was a low price to pay for his friendship.

 Casey, came next. She was a rescue who was fostered by an employee of former mayor Leon Weekes. Casey was sweet and loving but taking her downtown was an adventure. She enjoyed Kilwin’s but then spent the rest of the time trying to get into any car on Atlantic Avenue. She was a homebody, I suppose.

Of course, there is my current “soul dog” Teddy, a handsome 90 pounder who is as good as…well he’s as good as gold. Teddy is well known for his Facebook and Instagram appearances–I can’t help it, he’s cute. He’s also full of personality and may be the best behaved dog I’ve ever had and that’s saying a lot because all of my dogs have been outstanding. Teddy is something special. I just don’t have the words to describe what he means to us.

All four of our retrievers were and are outstanding dogs: friendly, smart, well behaved, loving, loyal, funny and easy on the eyes.
We’ve gotten our dogs through two local rescue organizations: Golden Retrievals, a Boca-based non-profit and Everglades Golden Retriever Rescue also a local 501c3 non profit.
Both are terrific organizations and both changed my life by placing a golden retriever in it.
They really do rescue us as much as we rescue them.

To enjoy the love of a good dog is one of life’s true joys.

My latest love affair Teddy is a remarkable dog. He’s incredibly well behaved, I dare say considerate. He just seems to be sensitive to our words and feelings as if he can read our moods and emotions.
He has a wonderful personality and greets every day with a smile. His hobbies include dismantling stuffed animals, walking, car rides, following me everywhere and watching TV.
In short, he’s a hoot. I adore him. So does my wife and everyone who comes in contact with him in our neighborhood and at Lake Ida Park. I should also mention that our next door neighbor Brooke, a spirited and adorable little girl is Teddy’s heartthrob. He looks for her every time we go outside. He’s also close to his brother Randy, a 15 year old chihuahua who we adopted 14 years ago at the Delray Affair from the Animal Rescue Force (ARF). Randy is amazing too. We are very fortunate.

Dogs are having a moment in our culture these days. They are all over TV in shows and Subaru commercials and immensely popular on social media.
Evidence of canine culture is everywhere. Apartment developers are adding dog washing stations, dog parks and dog sitting services to their projects and pet stores are proliferating everywhere despite the challenges of today’s retail environment.
Movies, books, T-shirt’s and posters featuring our furry friends are ubiquitous.
I think it’s wonderful.
Someone even sent me a chain and a charm depicting a golden. I’m not sure who did so, but if you’re reading this: thank you.
So while I have a preference for Golden’s (and chihuahuas) I really love them all. And I highly recommend you open your heart and your home to a dog or a cat—especially rescues.
But only if you can fully commit. They deserve our time and attention as well as our love.
In return, you will be given so much.
In honor of 150 years of Golden Retrievers check out these fine organizations.



Here’s a peek at my guy:

Teddy…an alumni of Golden Retrievals.

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