A Birthday Tribute To A Delray Original

Words to live by…and he does.

My friend Fran Marincola turns 80 today.

He has asked me to write his eulogy.

This isn’t it.

Fran has a lot more life left to live. I’m sure of it.

He has a passion for a whole bunch of things—his wife, his restaurant, the wonderful Caffe Luna Rosa, Mickey Mantle, Delray Beach, national politics, the stock market, Bruce Springsteen, dogs, his family, friends, storytelling and a whole lot more.

I think your passions keep you going. So does a weekly happy hour or “manly lunch” where you can tell those stories, spar with friends and the share the week’s news.

Fran and I have been friends for close to 20 years.

Our friendship started out in a very strange way. I was a newly elected city commissioner and he called to pitch me on some parking contraption that today would have made sense, but I didn’t like it at the time.

So we argued. And argued. And argued and argued some more. Until both of our cell phones died.

It was the start of a beautiful and somewhat volatile friendship because I find myself debating Fran via phone and text 2-3 times a week, in between phone calls and texts and emails where we actually get along quite well and agree with each other.

I admit, sometimes I will actually pick a fight with my friend.

Why? Because he’s a fun guy to debate, he has funny sayings, makes interesting arguments and the whole experience —and Fran is an experience— makes me sharper. It’s not fun to always agree. And we prove that people can disagree—passionately (because Fran is passionate about things) and still like each other very much.

So yes, sometimes I will invite a disagreement just to spice up the week and keep us both sharp. I feel I am providing him with a needed service.

Fran doesn’t like absolutes and so if you want to get him going text him and say ‘so and so doesn’t have a chance to win an election, an Oscar or a Super Bowl.’

It makes him crazy, because his mind works like a mathematician and therefore there is always a chance of something occurring even if it’s remote.

As I have gotten to know Fran, I marvel at the life he has led or should I say the many lives he has led.

He’s worked on boardwalks, owned nightclubs, took acting classes with Broadway stars, travelled far and wide, owned a slew of businesses, made and lost fortunes and hob knobbed with some very famous and infamous people. In short, he is a character. One of the great characters in Delray Beach.

I think characters make a town. They give a place flavor and excitement and set it apart from other blander places.

Fran is a world class character in a town full of world class characters. I have long felt that we in Delray Beach are blessed with more than our fair share of characters—something I briefly touched on in my book “Adventures in Local Politics.”
It seems that all sorts of people are attracted to quaint Florida beach towns and they come from all over creation to add the salt to the water.

I have a friend who believes that Florida attracts modern day rogues and pirates who stop here until they are found out and then migrate to the Keys. The last stop is usually the islands, according to his theory.

There may be some truth to that, but not all characters are rogues and pirates and some like my friend Fran are lovable, big-hearted, generous and compassionate people.

Fran scores the highest on those four categories and that’s why I and many others love and respect him.

He has offered me a ton of hard won wisdom always delivered in an entertaining and unforgettable way. I have resisted some of that wisdom, but he has never held my stubborn streak against me and for that I am grateful.

He has stood by me in good times and in bad times and has proven to be a true friend.

One thing you learn—and for me it was the hard way—is that when you are a public official you have an endless amount of friends and some of them are fair weather. But it’s your true friends who stick by you when your title goes away and you drift off into the next phase of your life.

Fran sticks with his friends through thick and thin.

I have come to admire his business acumen and his strong desire to take care of his employees and customers no matter what. I admire that he is close to his children and grandchildren and that he’s a devoted husband to Kim (another one of my all-time favorite peeps).

I like that he will try new things with a smile and share his past with his closest friends—warts and all. And I’ve come to realize that the warts aren’t really warts after all. Not when they forge character, teach lessons and shape who you become.

My friendship with Fran has been a gift.

It’s nice to have a friend who is a few years older because they can really teach you things if you are willing to listen. And I am, even though I may pretend not to agree with some of his more “colorful” theories on life and love.

He’s given all of his friends the twin gifts of wisdom and laughter. That’s no small thing.

This is my small gift in return.

I hope he is not Disappointed! (Inside joke).

Happy 80th my friend. Here’s too many more playful arguments and good times to come.

My favorite photo of Fran taken on one of his daily walks around Delray.



  1. Well done! You have really captured our friend. Ironically…so does the picture.

  2. Beautiful Tribute

  3. Well done, Jeff. He’s a keeper. Thank you.

  4. Thanks for the wonderful tribute to my Dad!

    • Jeff Perlman says

      Thanks, Chasmin. He adores you and is so proud of you.

    • Dorothea L Killian says

      Hi. When my then husband Lewie Longo took the photo of Bruce Springsteen while they lived together in Water Witch section of Highlands NJ during 1971 I was present. Bruce was holding his favorite drink, a cold can of Pepsi. We gave the black and white photo to Fran for his birthday. It hung framed on his Lincroft home wall. Later I saw it in a biography of Bruce. I remember Fran fondly and wish him well this year and every year. I love the photo of Fran seeing those high heels on the sidewalk! Fifi Killian, Venice, FL

  5. Robert J Wieder says

    Fran Marincola or “Pepsi” is a Villanova University graduate….
    Once a Wildcat
    ALWAYS A WILDCAT….and yes, a GR8 guy!
    Bobby Delray
    VU class of ’74

  6. We all love Fran the man! I’m so grateful to have his fiery spirit in my life.

  7. Love Fran to the moon and back! You sum it up perfectly, Jeff…

  8. Diane Franco says

    I adore this man! Together we served on many Delray Boards for more years then I can count. We fought, we agreed, we plotted together, laughed together at and at each other! Franny is a gem!

  9. Sooo well said, Jeff. He is my “Fran the Man”.
    (Ur words were always well thought!).

  10. Some of my fondest memories revolve around Fran – the DOT – A1A and bicycle lanes – and of course, Perry DonFrancisco. they were interesting and fun times. Delray has been blessed with many wonderful “characters”.

    You are one of them 😀

    • Jeff Perlman says

      Ahhh the bike lane issue. I think I just broke out in hives thinking about those days. Interesting times indeed.
      But we found a way forward thanks to the characters you mentioned and of course the one and only Bill Wood.

  11. Dr Frank McCluskeyd says

    Thanks Jeff for highlighting a Delray institution!

  12. Jeff, so beautifully said. When I read what you write I always feel like I’m right there. Happy birthday our friend,and yes character, Fran.

  13. Nice to come across this. I haven’t seen Uncle Fran since I was a wee child. ( my aunt Pat was his ex) I just remember he always seemed so chipper.

    • Jeff Perlman says

      Hi Dana,
      I saw Uncle Fran last week. He’s in great spirits and remains a force of nature. Thanks for sharing. Jeff

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