Rental Options plentiful in Boca Delray

imagesCAKFBPIWIf you’re on the path to buying a house in Boca Raton or Delray Beach, you might find that you need flexible living arrangements while you do your house shopping.

If that’s your situation, Boca-Delray’s real estate market offers plenty of short-term rentals and lease options that are ideal for your needs. We’ll share some ideas for you to explore along with the area’s go-to resources for corporate housing arrangements.

AirBnB – If you’re not familiar with AirBnB, it’s one of the leading sites for short-term rentals. All listings are privately-owned properties that range from rooms for rent to entire homes or condos. Prices are quoted from daily to monthly.

Craigslist Sublets & Temporary Housing – You’ll definitely want to check out the listings on Craigslist. While availability is always greatest during the off season months, there’s always a fair number of situations where you can rent someone else’s furnished home on the fly.

Realtors—A number of local realtors specialize in rental properties. Make sure your agent is a rental specialist and well versed in the many options available in Delray-Boca.

Tips for Short-Term Rentals in Boca-Delray

Remember that no matter the term of your rental, you’re entering into a legal agreement. Make sure that you always have something in writing, even when renting from a private individual. It’s for your protection as well as the homeowner’s.

When coming to Boca-Delray with pets, be aware that most rentals will require a pet deposit and possibly pet rent (an additional charge on your rent each month for each pet living in your unit). There are lots of dog parks in South Florida to keep your furry friends exercised, too!

If you need a storage unit in Boca-Delray while shopping for just the right home, there are plenty. This way, you can focus on home shopping and live in a smaller place in the meantime.