The Interview: Marc Hickman Photography Puts Your Business In Focus

Marc Hickman remains passionate about photography

Marc Hickman remains passionate about photography

We recently caught up with Marc Hickman of Marc Hickman Photography in Boca. He had this to say about his business as an experienced commercial photographer: 

South Florida is a great place to live, play and run a business, especially a photography business. The Boca/Delray area is a great location base for my work. From a photographer’s standpoint, the climate and weather is a benefit because the lighting is outstanding when shooting on location. No long, rainy seasons or bitter cold. What about the heat? Well, the most beautiful light to photograph in, is at the “Magic Hours” usually an hour after sunrise and an hour before sunset.

Temperatures at those times are pretty tolerable even in the dead of summer. During the hot times you can find me in my cool studio. This region of the country is also wonderful for client prospects. It’s the gateway to Latin and Caribbean countries to the South and the Wall Street giants to the North. South Florida is the “business route” highway rest stop to do business. And these businesses are always looking for competitively priced commercial photographers. Could I make more money in larger metropolitan areas as a commercial photographer? Sure! But I feel the chemistry of business and “surf, sun, and sand” is a great combination that suits my lifestyle to a tee.

Tell us a little bit about your business and how you became one of the area’s leading commercial photographers:

Marc Hickman Photography has been in business for 15-plus years. We’re a full-service studio located in the heart of Boca Raton.  I also have a team of graphic designers, printers, social media gurus, and PR firms that can help my clients with projects. Not only can I make sure my clients have great photography services, I can also lead them down the right path to a successful final product, whatever it is.

I consistently show attention to details followed by the drive to capture that perfect image for all our clients. We understand that maintaining a high level of excellence is “A Must” to stay relevant in today’s photography arena.

There are many types of commercial photographers. Please tell us what your niche in the marketplace is and how you differentiate yourself from other photographers:

I really love studio photography. Being able to have full control of my lighting is awe-inspiring, whether I’m shooting product, food, or people. I’m in control of the feel and the look of the lighting that is being produced.

Having my own studio lets me be close to my numerous lighting resources. Consequently I can not only create the lighting I love ,but also the lighting my clients expect to showcase their projects. However, I do love to get out of the studio from time to time and do architectural work.  From industrial, real-estate, urban landscape to marine architecture, these projects always keep my location shooting techniques consistent .

What are some of your typical assignments?:

Typically, projects would be for companies that need images for their packaging designs, print catalogs, website content. I also do quite a bit of architectural and fashion work.

Can you tell us about any unusual assignments that may be of interest to our readers?:

To be honest, I think all my assignments are pretty unusual in some form or fashion. Some more than others I guess.  Some of the things clients ask for can be pretty interesting.

But one time I was asked to photograph a home on a small private island.  Everything was conducted very hush hush. I wasn’t even told whose property it was, or really even the location other than being down in the Caribbean. I was asked to meet a sea plane, fly out to the island, spend the day photographing the property and fly back that evening. The pilot stayed with me the entire day and I had a very specialized shot list . The place was awesome, totally self sufficient. Like it was its own little country. It was one of those times you say to yourself  “That’s a lot of zeros for a place like this”. Other than being a private island with a really nice home/compound, it was nothing unusual.  It was just how the transaction took place, very top secret. (I’m probably risking my life just telling you about it)

There’s no doubt that technology has changed the photography profession. Can you elaborate on this?:

Yes, there’s no doubt that technology has changed the photography profession. It is an understatement. This is a conversation I have with many of my colleagues on a daily basis. As technology advances and photography gear becomes more affordable, the market has become even more saturated with so-called commercial photographers. The market was flooded 15 years ago. Now it just seems that photographers are coming out of the woodwork. When I got into photography there was a structured level of photography services — low-end, middle, and high-end photography.

Today, it just seems to be low-end and a struggling high-end, and no value in the pricing of photography, with no integrity of professionalism in the imagery being created. A constant phrase I hear in the market is that “the photography is GOOD ENOUGH for the PRICE of the project”. I believe this is totally unsatisfactory. That’s why I’m on a one-photographer mission to change that perception and mind set, one client at a time. The customer/client deserves the VERY BEST photography at a competitive price range the market can bear.

Is there anything else you’d like to tell us that we haven’t covered?:

I still love photography and love the work I create. I know if I keep providing great photography services to my clients and stand behind my product I produce 110% I’ll be around this industry for a long time to come.

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