Water Cooler Wednesday: A Conversation With Boca Chamber Chair Randy Nobles

Dedicated to the community

Dedicated to the community

The Interview: Randy Nobles Chairman of Boca Chamber

We recently caught up with Randy Nobles, who currently serves as the Chairman of the Greater Boca Raton Chamber of Commerce. Randy talked about many issues – the Boca Raton business community, his retirement from Comerica Bank, and his new position with an accounting firm based in Michigan which has opened an office in Boca Raton.


Randy, tell us a little bit about your role as Chairman of the Greater Boca Raton Chamber of Commerce: 

It is a great role that I am proud to serve in.  To be the Chief Volunteer Officer of the one of the most prominent business groups in Palm Beach County gives me exposure and insight into a lot of the progressive things happening in our area.  The Chamber has over 1,400 members and is not only doing a great job in traditional chamber areas such as networking activities and events, but also is doing a lot of things to better educate its members.  It is also active on the public policy front, helping to ensure that a pro business stance is forefront with both issues and our elected officials.  And don’t forget about the Golden Bell Education Foundation that has put over $1 million into area classrooms.  All things considered, this is no ordinary chamber of commerce!!


What are your impressions of Boca’s business community and why it is considered a favorable landing spot for companies moving to Florida?

I always start with some of the no brainers; great year-round weather and no state income tax are 2 biggies…but those are not  necessarily  unique to Boca.   Education is always top of mind, from our superior private school offerings, to the great strides our public schools have made (my kids are in Boca Middle and Boca High) to what we have to offer on the higher education front with 3 fantastic institutions.  Health care is far superior with Boca Regional, West Boca and Delray Community all on the forefront.  There are plenty of options when it comes to where to live —  from one-of-a-kind ocean condos to sprawling homes in great communities in our western areas.  Miles and miles of beautiful, undeveloped beaches and countless parks are a big plus as well.  Having supportive organizations such as the Chamber and the Business Development Board of Palm Beach County helps set a pro-business climate.  The list goes on……

Can you give us any insight regarding new companies, construction projects or any other news that may  be of interest to our readers?

I don’t think you need to have any real insight here,  just take a look around.  Cranes are in the air all over downtown.  There is a great vision for Arvida Park of Commerce with lots of things underway there, too.  We’ve got Trader Joe’s coming and Office Depot staying.    Jobs in the technology, health care and educational sectors continue to increase.    Town Center Mall is thriving and continues to expand as are other retail areas and establishments.  Business is good and getting better!


You had a distinguished banking career with Comerica for over 30 years. How is retirement? Any improvement in your golf game? 

“Retirement” was interesting, while it lasted!  As planned, I was successful  in taking about 8 months off to relax and focus on my family,  some home projects, and do some traveling.    Having recently moved into a new house, we did some fairly major renovations, which felt good to get done.  We also did some quality family traveling, highlighted by a trip to Hawaii.  Aside from the Chamber, I am active on two other boards, the YMCA of South Palm Beach County and Hospice by the Sea, which also helped keep me busy.   Bottom line, I had a lot of fun, got some things accomplished, gave back to the community but the time really flew by!  And my golf game is “still lacking”!

We understand that you are working with Croskey Lanni, PC, a Michigan-based accounting firm as it opens a Boca Raton office. How is it going? And, what is appealing about Boca to the company owners?

Dave Croskey, the firm’s founder and managing partner, and I have been friends for 30 years.  Through the efforts of Dave and others, the firm has built a solid client base in the Florida market over the years but the opening of an office will solidify our presence and allow us to grow at a heightened pace.  What attracted me to the firm was simple:  Values common to mine.  Starting with the firm’s vision of “Embrace Extraordinary” and incorporating their values built around quality, integrity and respect made it a perfect fit.  The value proposition is the starting point in appealing to Boca business owners.   It is a given that we have strong competencies with respect to tax preparation and financial reporting, but the firm’s consultative and value-added approach sets us apart.  Our focus is targeted at small to medium businesses and their owners with specialties in health care, non profits, material handling, real estate, charter schools, retail business and professionals.   Feel free to give me a call to grab a cup of coffee—561-289-6281