#Justice 4 Corey

I did not know Corey Jones.
But I know many people who knew him and loved him. They say he was an extraordinary young man.
Corey’s friends and family will seek justice for Corey who was shot and killed by a Palm Beach Gardens police officer on the side of I-95 a few weeks back.
Justice, ¬†memories and love.. that’s all that’s¬†left.
There’s a line in the Academy award winning film “Unforgiven” that comes to mind. The movie was a meditation on violence and the character played by Clint Eastwood wrestled with his past as a particularly murderous gunman.
“It’s a hell of a thing, killin’ a man. Take away all he’s got, and all he’s ever gonna have.”
Indeed. And it happens all too often in our world.
Marc Arthur Barreau, a 29 year old, father of a six year old was gunned down outside an apartment complex around the same time Corey lost his life.

He was a personal trainer at PurLife in downtown Delray. And like Corey, who worked for the Delray Beach Housing Authority, Art was beloved by those who knew him.
To date there have been 76 murders in Palm Beach County this year. That number ought to give us pause.
But for the most part it never does. Things don’t seem to change.
Perhaps they should.
I’m not sure what it will take and maybe there is no answer but it seems that we should be doing….something.
We are too violent. Too angry. There is too much hate and anger in our society and in our community.
We have become too uncaring and too willing to move on.
We need more conversation. More action. More humanity and empathy. More understanding and a whole lot more love.
We are losing too many. It’s that simple.