10 Gadgets That Will Impress Your Friends: From Gardening to Tennis We Cover The Landscape

Lift the summertime blues with some cool gadgets

Lift the summertime blues with some cool gadgets

Are you a gadget fanatic?

Do you find yourself scouring magazines, websites and unique stores in search of the latest device that will solve a problem, impress your friends or just simply looks cool to use?
Well, search no more. YourDelrayBoca has your list of 10 must have gadgets to liven up the dog days of summer and beyond.

If we missed a few, please send us your favorites. Until then, consider these nifty gizmos.

For the gardener

PlantSense EasyBloom

They used to say you had to be born with a green thumb, no longer. Now you just need to get a hold of “PlantSense Easy Bloom”.

Simply shove the 11-inch stick into the dirt in a spot where you want to grow a plant. Built-in sensors gather info on soil moisture, sunlight, and temperature. After 24 hours, plug it into your computer’s USB port to upload the data to www.plantsense.com, which spits out a list of the perfect flowers for your locale or info on how to rescue an ailing plant. Cost: $60. Go to plantsense.com for more information.


For the saver

Black & Decker Power Monitor

Finally, a device that will help you save money and boost your green cred.

The Black & Decker Power Monitor displays your house’s kilowatt usage and helps you save. Just clamp a small sensor over your electricity meter. The sensor radios stats to the portable monitor and helps you understand how your household uses power and as they say, knowledge is power. This nifty tool may finally convince your kids to shut off their fans and power down their computers. Cost: $100, visit www. Blackanddecker.com for more information.

For the photo bug…

Kodak's Pogo allows users to instantly print memories

Kodak’s Pogo allows users to instantly print memories

Polaroid PoGo

This super cool device enables you to hand out photos on the spot. In an era of cell phone photography it is nice to actually print and look at a physical photo.

The PoGo is a pocket-size printer that connects to your camera or phone and prints color two-by-three inch prints. Cost: $150, go to www.polaroid.com for more information.


For the kid that can’t get up…

The Tocky may be cool enough to actually wake your kids.

The Tocky may be cool enough to actually wake your kids.



If you have a teenager you know the drill. It’s a fight every morning to get them up for school. Enter “Tocky” the runaway alarm clock; which will jump off your nightstand and roll away forcing you to get out of bed and chase it down.


Tocky has a microphone so that you can record your own sounds or wake up calls. You can even program mom’s voice and save her the trouble of yelling every morning. If you’re a kinder and gentler parent you can also upload your favorite music, but you still have to get out of bed when Tocky jumps. Or you can upload your favorite songs and listen while Tocky rolls around your room. Either way, Tocky rocks.

Cost: $69.

Search the web for Tocky.



For your iPhone…

Material 6 Wood iPhone Backs

52.4 million of us bought iPhones over the Christmas holidays. Now it’s time to personalize our devices for the spring. What’s better than adding a little warmth to the back of your iPhone? We recommend Material 6 Wood iPhone Backs. Available in an array of finishes they come equipped with a mini screwdriver to help you install.

Cost: $90-$100.


For the tennis player…

These cool "kicks" are sure to improve your game

These cool “kicks” are sure to improve your game


Nike Zoom Vapor 9 Tour

Do you want to play tennis like Roger Federer? Ok, that’s probably not feasible. Do you want to look like Roger Federer? Ok, that’s not realistic either. But you can wear his tennis shoes. Developed in collaboration with Fed, the Vapor 9 features a finger-like system on the outside that works to mold the top of the shoe to the shape of your foot. That means comfort. We don’t guarantee a better backhand. Cost: $130.

 For the techie…


Magnus iPad Stand


Searching for the most minimal iPad stand around? Check out the Magnus . Made from pure aluminum and hand-finished to match the iPad almost perfectly, it uses brutally strong neodymium magnets to attach securely to your iPad 2, holding it at a perfect viewing angle while hiding almost completely out of sight. All this for $50.


For the movie buff…

Samsung 3D Blu-Ray Player


Surprisingly, 3-D enabled Blu-ray players don’t cost much more than your typical Blu-ray unit. This elegant and sleek little wall-mounted Blu-ray player is Wi-Fi enabled to connect to other devices through your home network.  You can buy the Samsung 3D Wi-Fi Blu-ray player for $399.


For kids of all ages…

Ferrari's are not uncommon sites in Boca. Here's one that's affordable.

Ferrari’s are not uncommon sites in Boca. Here’s one that’s affordable.

iControl Ferrari


Owning a Ferrari is probably every guy’s dream and that dream stays with us the rest of our lives.  Unfortunately, for just about 99% of us, that dream remains a dream.

So while we may never get to own a real Ferrari, that doesn’t mean we can’t own a remote controlled one.  The iControl Ferrari is a 1:50th scale replica of the exotic Ferrari Enzo supercar that the “99%” of us can afford.

The iControl Ferrari Enzo RC car doesn’t work like a traditional radio controlled car; instead of using a remote control, it relies on a “dongle” that plugs into an iPhone, iPod, or an iPad.  Download the free App and when you start the car up, your phone will make an engine starting sound.  The App will display a picture of a steering wheel and you steer the RC Ferrari by tilting the phone left and right, just like a real car’s steering wheel.

We’ve tried and it is very cool. Is it the real thing? No. But, it will have to do—for now anyway.

Cost: $39.50 (taxes and tags included).


For an instant upgrade…

LG Smart TV Upgrader

It’s always nice to have the latest model TV in your living room, but there is a price tag that comes with upgrading to  new models.  But now there’s an answer if your older flat screen TV does not have all the bells and whistles of the newer models.

LG’s smart TV upgrader converts any TV into a smart TV.  For just $99.99, you can upgrade your TV to a SMART TV with the LG SMART TV Upgrader ST600.

Select from the most popular content from a variety of apps including various Video On-Demand and Movie On-Demand services. Enjoy web surfing just like on a PC with the Web Browsing feature and search the Internet while watching TV. You can also access content stored in your digital devices including digital cameras, mobile phones, and PCs and view them on your home’s largest screen with a simple click.

Cost: $99.99 visit LG’s website for more information.